Monday, August 17, 2009

Tuesday nights, let make this happen!

I've got some very good news. Thanks to my man, David for making this additional time slot for badminton possible. Tuesdays at 6PM to 8:45PM will be a reality after all the things needed for the game are gathered and set.

We are looking for the materials to setup three badminton full single/double courts(plus one half court on the side) in the May Park gym downtown. As of now there is one properly marked court but it is in the center of the area. It blocks the setup of additional, and makes it un-ergonomic(if that's a word). Technically, anyone can come in and play, even with the absence of net.

So far I've got some poles for stands for the nets from Massoud. (Thank you Massoud!)

I'm in dire need of 3 badminton nets, and tape would be nice bonus too. The tape would be used to make the boundary lines on the wooden court. Something bright(like red or yellow, if possible) so that it can be easily distinguishable. I first thought about using electrical tape but compared to the tape used at Garrett gym, it is not as wide(twice the width) or colored(black). Painting or permanent marking on the floor is not an option because of gym rules. Anyone have any suggestions? Tape recommendations?

-3x badminton nets
-4x poles/stands +weight/support
-markers/tape (200+ ft.)
--extra racquets&birdies are always nice

This is going to be fantastic. An extra day of badminton. Yaaayy!

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